Henkel electronics has been forever adding to its group of distributors as it continues its effort to expand its network across the United States. JSK Associates joined hands with Henkel in 2010 to access the markets in Northern Nevada and California. Since then both firms seem to have benefited from what is essentially a symbiotic relationship between two majors looking to derive the best from each other.
An industry experience of thirty five years for JSK proprietor, J. Karp in the electronics sector was one of the driving factors behind Henkel deciding to go ahead with this partnership. The expertise and service associated with Henkel by most customers has been sufficiently propagated. JSK Associates as of today represents the line of products ranging from Mutlicore, Loctite and Hysol from Henkel and is known to have massively benefited in terms of reputation after having done solid work with regards to their services for Henkel customers.
The Henkel management has always been of the opinion that it isn’t just cutting edge technology and impressive arrays of manufacturing material and know-how that have kept brands at their peak in terms of whatever they commit but a very determining factor in the sustenance of a brand in the electronics industry has been a very strong sales team in terms of knowledge and servicing. This is where JSK Associates provide an important link between customer care and quality control for Henkel’s customers and Henkel itself respectively. Retrospectively there is also a sense of respect from JSK towards Henkel as owner Jerry Karp went on record some time back stating that for them, the Henkel brand remains unmatched in terms of depth and reputation. Hence JSK associates are deeply benefiting from handling such a portfolio of impressive repute and will continue to enhance its reputation from time.
The hands on experience of the industry from JSK associates and the global resource extent of Henkel along with the Research and Development facilities that Henkel possesses calls for a winning combination which seemed to have been inadvertently formed a little over a year ago. The most important thing is the amount of respect that both firms seem to harbor for each other. A long and mutually beneficial partnership seems on the cards and the party that seems to be set to benefit the most is without a shadow of any doubt the Henkel customer base across the United States.


Bulbs that use the GU10 applicable (a newer adaptation of the MR16) run at mains voltage (240 volts). First developed by Havells Sylvania in 1997, the GU10 has bound overtaken the MR16 in agreement of popularity, accumulation the aforementioned abundant superior ablaze and bunched led bulbs design, while removing the charge for a transformer.

GU10 bulbs are accessible in three capital formats; halogen, CFL (Compact Beaming Lamp) and LED (Light Emitting Diode).

Halogen bulbs are a added contempo adaptation of the acceptable beaming bulb. Due to affluence of accomplish and availability they are by far the cheapest of the three technologies. However, they are aswell the a lot of big-ticket to run and accept the beeline activity expectency, which agency the all-embracing amount of the ball ends up alive out abounding times added than the antecedent amount paid.

CFLs are a bunched adaptation of the beaming tubes frequently begin in offices. They are added big-ticket to acquirement than halogen bulbs, but account from a lower active cost. While manufacturers accept affected the admeasurement limitations associated with creating a CFL-compatible GU10 Bulb, they still authority a ample amount of drawbacks. The a lot of accepted criticisms levied adjoin this blazon of ball is that it produces a “cold” light, it loses abundant of its accuracy overtime and that it takes a continued time to ability abounding accuracy afterwards getting switched on.